New Bupa Balance health insurance launches for businesses

07 October 2020 . United Kingdom

  • New Bupa Balance health insurance gives more employees access to health cover
  • Provides fast access to diagnosis and outpatient services
  • Includes support for long-term chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions and health checks to spot signs of cancer
  • At-home health services offers direct access to specialists without referral from a GP.

Bupa UK Insurance is launching Bupa Balance, a new stand-alone proposition designed to help big businesses scale up their health benefits to support even more employees. Available from 1 January, it will provide essential health services to help the workforce stay on top of their health, wellbeing and long-term chronic conditions.

Bupa Balance will give employees fast access to a broad range of health services and expert advice on an outpatient basis to detect problems, diagnose symptoms, and provide support.

As well as covering diagnostic tests, consultations, treatment and therapies, individuals can also get support and expert advice for long-term conditions such as diabetes and heart problems, allowing employees to take greater control of their care.

With early detection for critical illnesses such as mental health and cancer proven to improve outcomes, the new product will also help employees to take fast action on health concerns.

Included in the cover are health checks to help spot common cancers and identify risk factors. For women this includes a full review of medical history relating to cervical and breast health, and, if suitable, a cervical smear test to look for high risk HPV. Men can also get a specific health check, with advice on the signs and symptoms of testicular and prostate cancer, plus a blood test which can help spot early signs of prostate cancer if needed.

Employees can also use Bupa’s enhanced range of at-home health services. Through Bupa From Home, they can get direct access to diagnose symptoms of cancer, mental health, muscle, bone and joint problems, often without the need for a referral from a GP. Advice from nurses on everyday health concerns, treatment from GPs and support for children’s mental wellbeing is also available.

Alex Perry, CEO, Bupa UK Insurance said: “Employee health and wellbeing is a top priority for businesses and now with the pandemic it is an even greater focus. We’re seeing many companies reviewing their wellbeing strategies and broadening their healthcare support to create a healthier and more resilient workforce across all levels.

“Bupa Balance enables businesses to provide more of their people with fast access to a range of health services, helping detect and manage everyday conditions, so people feel their best and stay that way too.

“Providing speed of access to diagnosis and support is a critical part of the new proposition. With our at-home services, an employee can go from noticing a symptom to speaking to a specialist in minutes, and this can provide them with peace of mind, or the help they need as quickly as possible.”

Notes to editor

  • Bupa Balance is available to corporate customers with 300+ employees from January 2021.
  • It does not cover day-patient and in-patient hospital treatment, cancer treatment or cash benefits.

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