Bupa UK Insurance: our pledge to customers during this national crisis

Alex Perry
Published by Alex Perry
CEO of Bupa Insurance Ltd

03 April 2020 . United Kingdom

As COVID-19 continues to impact the UK, we want to reassure Bupa’s UK health insurance customers that we will do the right thing for you.

We have responded to this healthcare crisis with:

  • New and expanded services: A wide range of health services and resources which can be accessed from the safety and comfort of your home. These include telephone and video consultations with nurses, GPs and consultants, specialist help for physiotherapy and mental health, right through to chemotherapy at home for cancer patients.

    Our Digital GP service that we provide in partnership with Babylon is also being made available to all UK insurance customers with a new COVID care assistant feature.  
  • Specialist health advice: We’ve created a dedicated Bupa COVID-19 online hub to help people manage their physical and emotional wellbeing with regular updates and health advice and content.
  • A rebate pledge to customers: As the UK’s independent hospital sector rightly joins the fight against COVID-19, some hospital procedures are being delayed, while other urgent care, such as cancer treatment, continues. Most treatments which are deferred will be delivered and funded by us as soon as possible when things get back to normal. However, we think it’s likely that there will be a reduction overall. At this point, no one can predict the full impact, but we are letting our health insurance customers know that we will do the right thing for them.

    We’re committing to pass back any exceptional financial benefit ultimately arising as a result of COVID-19 to our UK health insurance customers. This will be by rebate or other appropriate means. When the likely impact of the COVID-19 crisis is clearer we will update you on how we intend to do this. We will commission a third-party review to ensure that what we do is fair and reasonable across our different customer groups. At Bupa our customers come first, and we want to show this in a tangible way.
  • Support for customers in need: This is an incredibly difficult and uncertain time and some of our customers may be experiencing financial difficulties. If you are in this position, please email us at ask.bupa@bupa.com so we can discuss how we might support you.

  • If you’re hospitalised with COVID-19: As a public health emergency, COVID-19 is being treated through the public health system. If you need to receive NHS treatment for COVID-19, you will be able to claim a cash benefit where this is included in your policy.

  • Playing our part in the national health response: Finally, Bupa is playing a role in the nation’s fight against COVID-19. Across the UK, Bupa is redirecting resources and people to support the NHS and other public health bodies wherever we can. We are proud of our healthcare professionals, carers and other members of staff who are part of the public health response to COVID-19.

If you have any questions on the above, please call the number in your membership guide.

These are very uncertain times and we may not have all the answers yet.  As an organisation without shareholders our customers come first, and we want to reassure you that we are taking action to support you.

I hope that you and your family remain well and stay safe in this worrying time.

Alex Perry

Alex Perry

CEO of Bupa Insurance Ltd

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