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Board diversity policy

Bupa places great emphasis on the principle of diversity, including gender diversity.

Diversity throughout the organisation makes great business sense, not least because it means that, as a growing international healthcare company, Bupa is better able to understand and meet customer needs if the organisation reflects its customer base.

Bupa's policy is to ensure that there is broad experience and diversity on the main Board. Diversity in Bupa embraces knowledge and understanding of relevant diverse geographies, peoples and their backgrounds including race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, belief and age, as well as culture, personality and work-style. Diversity also includes a diversity of perspectives on what motivates and interests Bupa's existing and potential customers. In particular Bupa's Board is focused upon increasing Board diversity without compromising on the calibre of directors. Bupa maintains that appointments to the Board should be based on merit as well as complementing and expanding the skills, knowledge and experience of the Board as a whole. Within this context the Board aspires to having an appropriate proportion of directors who have direct experience of some of Bupa's key markets with different ethnic backgrounds, and may be non-UK nationals, of both genders, reflecting Bupa's business base.

The policy has the full support of the Chairman and the Board of Directors.