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Board Committees

There are a number of committees that report into Bupa's Board to ensure we comply with corporate governance principles.

These include Audit, Risk, Nomination & Governance and Remuneration Committees.


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee has responsibility for monitoring the integrity of the Group’s financial statements and the effectiveness of the systems of internal control and for monitoring the effectiveness, performance and objectivity of the internal and external auditors. The Committee comprises four Non-Executive Directors. Clare Thompson is the Committee Chairman. Paul Evans, Nicholas Lyons and Caroline Silver are the other members of the Committee.

Download a copy of the Audit Committee terms of reference (pdf, 57KB)


Risk Committee

The Risk Committee has responsibility for the leadership and oversight of risk across the Group. This includes the understanding of current risk exposures and future risk strategy, overall risk appetite and tolerance, risk management framework including risk policies, process and controls, and the promotion of a risk awareness culture throughout the Group. The Committee comprises five Non-Executive Directors. Caroline Silver is the Committee Chairman. Paul Evans, Matías Rodríguez, Clare Thompson and Sir John Tooke are the other members of the Committee.

Download a copy of the Risk Committee terms of reference (pdf, 52KB)


Nomination & Governance Committee

The Nomination & Governance Committee is responsible for the selection and proposal to the Board of suitable candidates for appointment as Executive and Non-Executive Directors and the recommendation to the Board of new Association Members. The Committee engages external search consultants to identify candidates for Board vacancies before recommending a preferred candidate to the Board for consideration. Roger Davis is the Committee Chairman. Evelyn Bourke, Martin Houston, Clare Thompson, Sir John Tooke and Janet Voûte are the other members of the Committee.

Download a copy of the Nomination & Governance Committee terms of reference (pdf, 53KB)


Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee determines the detailed terms of service of the Executive Directors and the Market Unit Managing Directors, including salary, incentives and benefits. The Committee is advised by Mercer. The Committee comprises the Chairman and four Non-Executive Directors. Martin Houston is the Committee Chairman. Roger Davis, Nicholas Lyons, Caroline Silver and Janet Voûte are the other members of the Committee.

The Remuneration Committee currently takes advice on remuneration issues from Mercer, which provides market data on levels of executive remuneration and benefits. Mercer and related companies also provide Bupa with other services and business strategy advice.

The Committee Chairman retains Mercer's services on behalf of the Committee. In addition, the Chief People Officer provides advice to the Committee on matters of remuneration policy and interpretation of market data and is assisted in this by other appropriate external advisers.

Download a copy of the Remuneration Committee terms of reference (pdf, 35KB)