Person First Friday: the difference an apron makes

Longer, healthier, happier lives
02 December 2016
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In her early days as a resident at The Booms Home and Hospital in New Zealand, Brenda used to repeatedly drop items down the front of her clothing. Her behaviour puzzled the team, who talked to Brenda’s family and checked with Brenda that there was nothing physically bothering her.

It was Administration Officer, Chris Sutton, who worked out the cause of Brenda’s behaviour. She and her husband had previously run the local hotel for many years and Brenda had always worn an apron while she was working. Chris realised that Brenda wasn’t meaning to put items down the front of her clothes but really trying to put them in her apron pocket.

One of the team’s family members located an old-fashioned apron and the team gave the apron to Brenda, who immediately started putting items in the apron pocket instead of dropping them down the front of her clothing.

The team’s approach to Person First care has made a huge difference to Brenda’s daily life, finding a unique way to improve Brenda’s wellbeing. 

Chris, who grew up in the same community as Brenda and has known her for many years, said: “After having a light bulb moment about why she used to misplace items, it was great to see Brenda as the Brenda I grew up with.”

Sharen Landy, Facility Manager at The Booms, said: “It’s the little things and getting to really know the individual’s needs that can make all the difference, and ensure our residents are as happy and comfortable as possible.”

Longer, healthier, happier lives
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