A big thank you for a very special resident

Peter Brightens

Retired policeman Peter brightens the lives of residents and staff with his singing and helpful manner, and on World Kindness Day they show him what it means to them.

82-year-old Peter who is a resident at our Dean Wood Care Home in the UK likes to be kept busy; insisting on helping staff set up the dining room for meals, and even gets involved with the cleaning up.

And when he’s not lending a hand to staff, having been in a choir all his life, he’ll be found leading singing at the home – encouraging all the residents to get involved. He even makes time to visit the dementia ward, entertaining residents with solo renditions of their favourite songs of yesteryear.

“We love having Peter around - he’s not happy unless he feels useful, whether it’s supporting at meal times, or making cups of tea for residents and even staff!” said Dan, Senior Carer, who decided Peter needed a special thank you. “He just gets lots of pleasure from helping out and supporting other residents, so it’s great to be able to surprise him for a change.”

It is no surprise that a retired policeman likes to be kept busy and insists on supporting others. So as well as showing their appreciation with a cake and small get-together, staff and residents presented him with suduko puzzles, a Christmas CD and a craft modelling kit, which they hope will provide many hours of fun and enjoyment for Peter and his family.

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