Ryland View’s perfect send off

Longer, healthier, happier lives
18 November 2016
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Our colleagues and residents form great bonds in our care homes – and this was no different for Barry Norton, who became the heart of his unit at Ryland View care home in Tipton, Birmingham, before he sadly passed away earlier this year.

Barry was welcomed into Ryland View in 2006 with no living family, and quickly won the hearts of colleagues with his cheeky personality, his impeccable manners, and the way he often gave them a kiss on the cheek.

And when he passed away, Dawn Doody, Care Assistant at Ryland View was keen to give Barry the send off he deserved. With the full support of General Manager Christine Daley, she went on to deal with all of the arrangements, from the flowers and the words for the service to the church music, which was country & western – Barry’s favourite.

Dawn said: “Because Barry had no family, we knew little about his past, but the poem Dash by Linda Ellis seemed to say everything it should about him as a funny, caring man – so I made sure that was read out at the service.

“Our residents are very special to us and it’s important that they are shown the utmost respect as individuals."

Following the service Dawn arranged a wake at Ryland View, where all colleagues and residents from Barry’s unit, and others from around the home, celebrated his life together. Barry now has his own special place in the garden with his own specially-made coffee cup plaque.

Dawn added: “All my colleagues and I recognise that every resident is an individual and special in their own way, whether they have dementia or other care needs. It’s important that we put them first and ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

“We always do our best to make them feel safe, secure, and respected – and it’s our job to make sure everything we do is in their best interest.”

Longer, healthier, happier lives
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