Person First: Sunday roasts and quiz nights - on-site ‘pub’ brings Mersey Parks residents together

Longer, healthier, happier lives
16 September 2016
Most of us have taken a trip to the pub to enjoy perhaps a Sunday roast, a quiz night, a themed disco or just to catch up with friends.

And this is exactly the experience that our colleagues at Mersey Parks Residential and Nursing Home in Liverpool have recreated for our residents, by making full use of the Sweeney Todd ‘pub’ on site to host regular events.

Berni Doherty, General Manager at Mersey Parks, said: “It’s been wonderful to see the residents spend lots of time together since we started regularly using the on-site pub. We have several different units here at Mersey Parks, with people at different stages in their care needs, and it’s an opportunity to bring everybody closer together.”

And the team has even seen residents who used to be friends earlier in their lives, and now living in different units at Mersey Parks, reacquaint themselves thanks to the pub.

“We’ve had a 50s theme summer fair with music, food stalls and activities; we’ve had quiz nights where the residents form teams and get competitive; and every Sunday the residents can enjoy a roast dinner – a staple in most British households.

“They can sit there together for as long as they wish, put the world to rights together and simply enjoy each other’s company, just like they did before they joined us here at Mersey Parks,” added Berni.

The residents can also have their hair done at an on-site hairdressers, show their creative side through arts and crafts classes and enjoy regular events around Mersey Parks – all part of making sure the residents are as happy and as comfortable as possible, enjoying the same things they did in life before joining the home.

Berni added: “It really is all about getting to know the individual and what their hobbies and interests are, putting them first and ensuring they can live as full of a life as possible.”

Longer, healthier, happier lives
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