Person First: Paco’s biggest day

Longer, healthier, happier lives
27 January 2017
Person First Paco

Paco, or how his friends like to call him ‘Paquito’, is an artist. He spent most of his life working in a bank but his real passion has always been to draw. 

The Sanitas Mayores Puerta de Hierro care home in Spain organised activities with Paco so he could sketch out a story every day. After a number of months, the care home collected all the stories and turned the illustrations into a book. To make Paco feel extra special, the care home colleagues organised a book presentation, just like a press conference, which even included a photo call.

María Fernández, psychologist at Sanitas Mayores Puerta de Hierro explains, “We wanted to celebrate Paco’s artistic skills to make him feel valued and important, but also because we found that his art was something that the other residents and employees of our care home could also enjoy.” 

“Paco dressed up that day and presented his illustration book in front of all the residents, families and the care home employees”, continues María. “He explained to us his story, where this passion for drawing came from, and he answered lots of questions from a very engaged audience. He even signed autographs. It was a very special day for all of us.”

Cristina Martínez, care home manager adds, “For us it’s key that our residents feel they are important. We work to make sure they’re having a great time and doing things they really love, and enrich them as people. That’s why we organised this book presentation for Paco. The hobby is also not just for the sake of drawing too but has an end goal. It’s very important that our residents feel that what they’re doing has a purpose.” 

Paco lives with degenerative vascular dementia but his condition doesn’t stop him from enjoying what he loves the most, drawing. This is what Person First is all about, Bupa’s model of care focused on the person and not the condition.

Longer, healthier, happier lives
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