Person First: Love is in the air

Longer, healthier, happier lives
17 February 2017
Bill and Rina

Bill Ritchie was 16 years old when he met Rina Ritchie (15 years) at a dance in Scotland, they were family friends. They became a couple three years after. Bill and Rina will celebrate their 76th wedding anniversary in May. 

When Bill was 19, he joined the Royal Marines and only after a few weeks, proposed to Rina which he says is “the love of his life”. They were married in Scotland because Bill was called up to go to war and then spent five years away in Burma. Rina also worked during the war, even operating cranes.

Bill and Rina moved to Portland Victoria in Australia in 1954 seeking a different life. Bill got a job as a carpenter where he helped build iconic country landmarks, including the Portland Harbour. 

Bill and Rina decided to move into a Bupa care home to continue spending their lives together comfortably in their later years.

They both believe the secret to a long, happy life together is: “To share everything, be kind to each other, and most importantly, take care of each other.”

Bill and Rina have only spent five years apart, when he was away at war. Rina knitted socks for the comfort fund in Scotland and sent socks to him when he was a soldier. To this very day, he still wears his knitted socks.

Bupa Portland General Manager Michael Debono said: “Bill and Rina are private people and used to their own company. They both love to share their stories and the team at Bupa Portland organise activities with them daily as well as arranging special driving trips for them both. It’s just one way in which we take a person first approach to their care and supporting their partnership.”

Longer, healthier, happier lives
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