Paralympian Sara Andrés: Pursue your purpose with a smile

Longer, healthier, happier lives
05 July 2017

Sara Andrés is a Spanish Paralympic athlete who participated in the Rio Paralympic Games of 2016. Her physical ability as an athlete is impressive as shown during her 100, 200 and 400 meters runs. But she is convinced that what really helps her to continue day-to-day is simply smiling and having a positive attitude.

She said, “I practiced sport from a young age: from karate to equestrian and playing tennis. In 2011 my life took a 360-degree turn when I lost my feet in an accident. This forced me to start over again. The accident changed my life, but it is giving me some opportunities that I would otherwise not have had, such as athletics.

“Rio 2016 was my first Paralympic Games, in which I competed in 100, 200 and 400 meters in my category T43.”

Sanitas Dental set Sara a challenge; to dance five different musical styles in less than a minute whilst demonstrating an equal balance in the choreography – a difficult task! The purpose of the campaign was to encourage anyone, regardless of their circumstances, to pursue whatever they propose with their best smile.

Sanitas has been the Official Medical Provider of the Spanish Paralympic Team for over 10 years, helping to deliver high quality healthcare to the country’s Paralympic athletes.

Longer, healthier, happier lives
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