On Our Way Challenge: For our customers, people and communities

Longer, healthier, happier lives
08 August 2017
On our way challenge

For the second year running, our Bupa Global team designed and launched a three-week movement challenge, bringing our people together across the globe, connecting them with our customers and supporting their health and wellbeing.

The On Our Way Challenge, launched in 2016, was the first of its kind in Bupa and was developed in direct response to feedback from our people, in which they asked for new ways to improve their health and wellbeing and to give back to the communities in which we live and work. The challenge was designed to be fun, diverse and inclusive of every person’s lifestyle and abilities. Using a gamified digital platform, which integrated mobile fitness devices, the challenge enabled people to compete in teams and track their movement on a virtual map of Bupa Global locations from Philadelphia right through to Hong Kong. 

Following the 2016 On Our Way Challenge, 96% of our people said they would like to see it return, so we brought it back this year... with a twist! 

Building on the success of last year’s challenge, this year we responded to further feedback from our people that they wanted to get closer to our customers and gain an even deeper understanding of the breadth and reach of Bupa Global’s products and services. Bupa Global colleagues followed six fictional customers around the world as we served them throughout their health needs. The stories replicated real customer scenarios to help our teams fully understand the customer journey, and we shared factual insights on our local customer bases around the world along the way.

At key milestones during the challenge, our people unlocked money for charitable causes in their communities, chosen by our local frontline teams from Copenhagen to our newly acquired business in Brazil, Care Plus.

The 2017 On Our Way Challenge saw great engagement and behaviour change results, with 91% of participants stating they intend to continue the healthy lifestyle changes picked up from the three-week programme. We saw an increase in the number of days people did 30 minutes or more of exercise, shifting from an average of 3.17 days to 4.55 days per week.

Our people also felt more connected to our customers, with 63% saying they had a better understanding of how Bupa Global delivers for our customers.

The Bupa Global On Our Way Challenge brought our people worldwide closer to our customers, helped them feel happier and healthier for working at Bupa and raised money for some fantastic local causes. 

Longer, healthier, happier lives
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