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Chief Information Officer
19 January 2017
Running with phone

Our customers can do their banking from their phones, do their food shopping online with same-day delivery, and use an app to book a taxi which will arrive in minutes. So it’s only natural that they expect to have the same instant, on-demand access to medical advice and care as and when they need it.

At Bupa we’re obsessed with meeting our customers’ needs. We know that our customers are asking for digital solutions, so that’s why I was happy to be on the judging panel at Accenture’s HealthTech Innovation Challenge in San Francisco last week.

The event brought together startups, life sciences companies and healthcare organisations to tackle the world’s biggest health issues. And it was a great opportunity to see some of the best new digital health start-ups present their innovations, which aim to help people better manage their health and solve many of the health problems that consumers are facing.

There were some fantastic innovations on show throughout the day. The overall winner was QuiO, which provides a wireless injection device that could change the lives of patients taking injectable therapies at home, such as diabetics. Compatible with all syringe-based medications, the device then connects wirelessly to send real-time data and updated medical records to help the patient and their doctor better manage their health.

Another great innovation was showcased by UE LifeSciences, which develops affordable cancer detection tools for developing countries. An example of its brilliant consumer-focused proposals is the iBreastExam, a hand-held, battery powered wireless mobile device to aide early detection of breast lesions – an invaluable tool in countries where there is limited access to doctors and hospitals.

Continuing advances in medical technologies are exciting, however healthcare continues to pose challenges of affordability, complexity, and accessibility around the world.  Digital solutions can help address these challenges by providing alternative routes to deliver care at much reduced cost levels and with far greater access.

And with digital now firmly part of Bupa’s strategy, and the pace of innovation increasing exponentially, it is clear that the future will be both exciting and challenging. Bring it on!

Garry Fingland
Chief Information Officer
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