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Prosper - Bupa ANZ

In this story, Prosper shares how she developed her career as a Bupa Nurse and became one of Bupa Aged Care Australia’s first nurse practitioners in the care services specialty.

In our care homes across Australia which have a nurse practitioner on site, that person plays an important part of the clinical team, giving greater access to care and making a  contribution to the care of Bupa’s  residents. The role also provides even more opportunities for our people to grow their career, further enhancing the clinical career paths for nurses .

A nurse practitioner is a highly experienced registered nurse who has undertaken additional university study, usually a post-graduate qualification in their area of speciality and has then completed a Master's degree. They also have extensive clinical training and advanced practice in their field of specialty. 

One of Bupa Australia’s first nurse practitioners, Prosper, said she decided to become a nurse practitioner after seeing a gap in aged care when it came to GP services. 

"GPs were very busy in the community and couldn't always make it on time to come and see the residents. That was when I decided to do further study and become a nurse practitioner," Prosper said. 

What are the benefits of being a nurse at Bupa?

"One of the main benefits of being a nurse practitioner  is watching the results of prompt management of developments in a person’s health condition early and really being able to make a difference where and when the resident needs it. 

"As a nurse practitioner you get to work autonomously and collaboratively too, so you get the best of both worlds. The learning never stops – I learn something new every day and my scope of practice is evolving. I am a generalist and this allows me to grow in many directions.

"Working as a nurse practitioner allows me to make clinical decisions I couldn't make as a registered nurse and allows me to respond to resident changes in a timely manner. I feel like I am making a difference in my own special way. Being based at the care home also gives a lot of reassurance to residents and families.”

Bupa’s nurse practitioners in Australia are part of the clinical leadership in our aged care homes and are supported through regional meetings, forums and email groups. Bupa also supports nurses in their skills development and career progression, and many carers in Australia have subsequently moved into nursing as an enrolled or registered nurse, with some becoming senior nurses and general managers.

For Prosper, her advice for someone looking at a career as a nurse at Bupa is to go for it: "It will be worth it. There is lots of support around and you will love the role and the opportunities that are available to you to grow your career as a nurse with Bupa."

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