CMO Network meets to discuss ‘measuring what matters’ in workplace health and wellbeing

15 November 2016
Heart surgeon
  • Health leaders explore best practice in improving employee health, setting data and evaluation standards
  • GSK shares insights from the Partnering for Prevention programme and how it can improve the health of their employees and families

Today the global Chief Medical Officer Network, powered by Bupa, will gather at GSK’s offices in Philadelphia, USA to discuss data and evaluation standards in workplace health.

Committed to bringing about a lasting improvement to the world’s health, this unique network of health leaders will be sharing best practice in workplace and community health and wellbeing. 

One focus of the two-day meeting will be to explore the data and evaluation practices needed to measure the true impact of workplace health initiatives. Historically, workplace health has sparked debate over its capacity to produce a sufficient return on investment as there is no consistent way of delivering and measuring such programmes globally.

By bringing together chief medical officers from some of the world’s leading companies, discussions will confront the challenges faced in measuring the impact of workplace health initiatives of the millions of employees they represent. 

Participants will explore which workplace health outcomes matter to their organisation and how best to measure these; ranging from light touch approaches focused on employee participation and engagement, to more traditional business metrics such as productivity, risk reduction and behaviour change analysis. The network will also consider how to address the challenges and opportunities the different measurements bring. 

As part of the event, hosts GSK will offer insight on the Partnership for Prevention programme which tackles affordability and accessibility of healthcare for its employees globally, their families, and the communities that they operate in. 

The service aims to prevent illness in adult and children through vaccinations, health assessments and testing for cholesterol and diabetes, as well as HIV and cancer screening and perinatal care.

Speaking ahead of the event, Dr. Paul Zollinger-Read, Bupa’s Chief Medical Officer said, “The potential of workplace health can only be truly realised when we can measure its impact. Opening the debate on how we measure the impact of workplace health programmes, understand and evaluate them, is a step forward in improving consistency and provision around the world.”

Dr Murray Stewart, Chief Medical Officer from GSK added, “I am delighted to be hosting this session of the CMO Network, during which we will focus on the effectiveness of workplace health activity.  I am keen to take the opportunity to share details of GSKs Partnership for Prevention Programme, through which we offer preventive healthcare services to our employees and dependants at little to no cost.  I look forward to the dialogue as we apply the collective expertise of the group to addressing the need to better understand the impact and value of these programmes.”

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About CMO Network

The global Chief Medical Officer (global CMO network) is a group of world-leading clinicians, powered by Bupa, which is committed to bringing about a lasting improvement to the world’s health.

Together, they can leverage their combined insight, experience and global reach to solve some of the world’s biggest health problems - namely heart disease, cancer and diabetes - through workplace health initiatives. The network comprises Chief Medical Officers from some of the world’s most innovative businesses, such as Intel and IBM, who have collective responsibility of a workforce of over seven million people.

To bring about significant, scalable and sustained improvements in workplace health, the network is focusing on behaviour change.

To that end, these leading experts in workplace health and behaviour have been asked to identify their key recommendations for sustainably improving workplace health.

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