Bupa UK Foundation helps choir to hit the high notes

Carers' chior

One in 10 people across the UK are unpaid carers, supporting a family member or friend who is disabled, elderly or seriously ill. As this number continues to rise, it is likely that the majority of people in the UK will take on caring responsibilities at some point in their lives.

Unpaid carers are often under significant pressure which can take its toll on their own health. That is why the Bupa UK Foundation focuses on helping unpaid adult carers to support, manage and improve their own health, which in turn helps them to support the loved ones they are caring for.

Sing Viva, a Derby-based carers’ choir, is one of 12 projects made possible by a grant from the Bupa UK Foundation. The Derbyshire Carers’ Choir was set up to enable carers to enjoy singing with others and provide an opportunity to socialise with people facing similar challenges and pressures. Their debut performance saw them performing to an audience of 15,000 at a summer concert in Darley Park, Derby earlier this month and was the first of several concerts they will perform across the region this year. 


Sing Viva's debut performance at Darley Park, Derby UK

Tina Gwynne-Evans, Head of the Bupa UK Foundation, says: “Choirs can create strong and supportive communities, which is why the Bupa UK Foundation is so pleased to be funding Sing Viva, the Derbyshire Carers’ Choir. The choir sang their hearts out at Darley Park and gave a sparkling performance, raising spirits in spite of torrential rain.”

Since 2015, the Bupa UK Foundation has awarded over £1.2 million to more than 40 projects supporting mid-life mental health, carers and young people living with health challenges. Visit the Bupa UK Foundation for more information.

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