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Our strategic framework

Watch Group CEO Evelyn Bourke introduce our strategic framework.

Bupa's Strategic Framework

Our strategy has three pillars: Customers, People, Performance.

It puts our customers front and centre in the context of today’s digital age. As a service organisation, everything we do for our customers relies on our people and partners, so being a place where people love to work is critical to our success. This, combined with disciplined risk and capital management, is how we will deliver strong and sustainable performance.

Strategic framework

In addition to our three pillars, we have a number of priorities:

  1. Becoming loved as a true customer champion in health and care: Creating excellent customer experiences and outcomes, delivering value for money, providing exceptional care and helping customers navigate the complex world of healthcare.

  2. Being a place where our people love working, and love our customers: Engaging and empowering our people to make a real difference for our customers, living our values, in an environment that enables and inspires them, so they are happier and healthier because they work at Bupa.

  3. Digital transformation and continuous improvement: Focused on improving all aspects of people’s experience – whether they are customers, employees, providers or partners – focusing on making processes easier, driving improvement, pace and connectivity across Bupa.

Our operating approach is to:

  • Invest in strength and depth prioritising our existing businesses, with selective expansion into new markets
  • Win locally, enabled globally, organising to meet the individual and local needs of our customers and partners, whilst leveraging broader capabilities in support of these
  • Be ever-focused on quality, efficiency, safety and compliance recognising we operate in highly sensitive and heavily regulated sectors and need to uphold the highest standards.