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Bupa 2020 strategic vision

Our Bupa 2020 strategic vision was created in 2012 and outlines our ambitions over the long term.

Bupa's CEO, Stuart Fletcher, shares how he connects our vision for 2020 with Bupa’s purpose and talks about why he loves working here.


Our goals

We have set three breakthrough goals for 2020...

A healthcare partner to millions more people around the world

  • Millions of Bupa customers enjoy better health because of Bupa.
  • Bupa engages millions of people around the world in their health and wellbeing.
  • Bupa is the most trusted and recommended healthcare company.

Extraordinary business performance

  • Strong and sustainable revenue and profit growth.
  • Bupa's investments create long-term economic value.
  • A big impact on the world's health, with a positive impact on the environment.

People love working at Bupa

  • An extraordinary culture and organisation.
  • People are healthier because they work at Bupa.
  • Bupa people are ambassadors, making an amazing impact in their communities.

Loved by customers

We know our customers want us to listen, guide and stay close to them, and we are committed to earning their trust by putting them at the centre of everything we do. We want our customers to love us for:

Providing access to advice and care that's personalised and right for the individual 

  • I trust Bupa to be there for me.
  • Bupa treats me as a person not just my condition.
  • I know that people like me are healthier as a result of being with Bupa.
  • Bupa partners with the best to be the best at providing advice and care for me.

Making quality healthcare affordable and accessible

  • Committed to tackling rising healthcare cost while ensuring better health outcomes.
  • Democratising good healthcare.
  • Making a positive difference for health systems as well as for customers.

Tackling the toughest challenges in healthcare - making a difference

  • Taking a stand for the frail and elderly in society.
  • Empowering people to prevent and better manage long-term conditions (starting with diabetes and cardiovascular disease).
  • A truly holistic approach to cancer care - from prevention and treatment, to surviving well and dying with dignity.