Why improving our dental practices is child’s play

03 September 2019 . United Kingdom

Last week the Bupa UK Customer Lab hosted a group of parents and children for a dental insights’ generation day.

16 kids between the ages of five and 11 joined us at Bupa HQ, and also visited one of our dental practices, to help us think of ideas to create a better dental experience for kids and families.

Bupa Employee Kids Attend Insight Workshop

Over a course of the day, the kids toured the office, met lots of different teams and caused havoc in the canteen, before visiting a Bupa dentist for a check-up. After this they got creative, getting giant post-its to map out ideas and using their imaginations (and lots of Lego and Play-Doh) to bring those ideas to life.
By the end of the day the adults were exhausted. The kids on the other hand were asking when they can come back.
Neil Sikka, the Bupa dentist who hosted the group explained "The aim was to get a better understanding, from the child's perspective, of how we can make visiting the dentist more enjoyable. It's clear that small changes to the environment, like having interactive games, children's magazines and even kids TV available in the waiting area, can make a big difference."

While it was a fun filled day, the insights generated will be used to map the child's experience from entering the practice up to when they leave - helping our dental practices make improvements specifically for younger visitors.

Rob Edmundson, UK Transformation and Marketing Director and one of the parents who joined us on the day said: "Joshua and Olivia had never seen where dad worked before, so it was great opportunity to show them around and teach them about Bupa.

"It was fascinating to hear what kids thought about their visit to the dentist and their ideas to make improvements. While some of the ideas where a little 'out there' there are definitely lots of insights we'll be taking away."

For more information on the insights generated from the workshop email customerlab@bupa.com.

Here are a few pictures from the day….

selection of pictures of kids insights workshop