#Pridematters: Bupa UK employees share what Pride means to them after joining this weekend’s parade

29 August 2018 . United Kingdom

Bupa UK employees turned out in force to celebrate diversity at Manchester Pride this weekend. Here some of those who attended share what Pride means to them.
Colleagues at pride

Lucy Robey: “My husband and I want to raise our daughter to know and believe she can be who she wants to be and that all people around her can be whoever they want to be. I have many friends who have only been able to be their true self later in life and we want to raise our daughter to support those around her to be themselves and raise her to be herself.”

Holly Platt: “Pride for me means being who you are without judgement or worry. It’s about feeling free in your own skin.”

Carwyn Davies: “Pride is a celebration of who we are. It is about coming together no matter who you are, and not having to hide who you are. Pride also means we have come a long way, but we have a long way to go until everyone feels comfortable being openly gay, and their true self.”

Paul Whittaker: “For me Pride is a celebration of who you are as a person and how far we have come as a community without the feeling of shame or judgement.”

Mike Cullen: “I have been attending the Manchester Pride parade and the ‘big weekend’ since 2015. Every time I have been to see the parade I have seen so many different companies participating and showing their support for the LGBT+ community, so it is great that this year we had the opportunity to show that Bupa is an accepting, tolerant and open company for all. One of Bupa’s codes is to celebrate diversity and for as long as I have been working at Bupa I have seen this in action, as I have received nothing but love and acceptance since starting here at the young age of 18.”

Jamie Byrne-Fraser: "What Pride means to me is the freedom to be who you are and not let anyone judge you for it. It means standing up and being heard. It means coming together and celebrating our individuality by showing how inclusive a community we are."