Bupa UK Dental Care invests in online presence

11 September 2019 . United Kingdom

Gabriela Pueyo is General Manager of Bupa Dental Care, which runs more than 470 practices in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We caught up with her to discuss the launch of the new Bupa Dental Care website and the benefits it will bring to patients.

Bupa Dental Care website

Why has Bupa Dental Care decided to invest in a new website?

As with any successful business, you need to continue to develop and grow to meet the needs of your customers and their changing behaviours. We’re passionate about the services we offer to patients and need to ensure our online presence reflects this.

The new website has been over a year in the making, we’ve interviewed patients, members of the public and staff to make sure it delivers on our promise to put patients at the heart of everything we do.

It’s easier to navigate, there’s more filters making it easier to find the best dentist for your needs, whether that’s NHS or private treatment, or a practice that offers wheelchair access, emergency appointments or onsite parking, and we’ve improved our online booking facility.

How do you think the new website will contribute to Bupa Dental Care’s future growth plans?

The website is essentially our shop window. It needs to emulate the high-quality service you get at each of our practices. We will continue to develop our online presence and introduce new functionality in line with the expectations of our patients; it’s a continuous cycle of improvement.

We know that people search online to find a dentist, to research treatments and diagnose dental symptoms, so it’s important they’re getting clinically correct information from a trusted source - like Bupa.

For people who want to join the Bupa family, they’ll have easy access to information about careers and selling your practice to Bupa Dental Care.

We anticipate an increase in website traffic and online bookings and have invested in all areas of the business to facilitate this demand.

Are there any parts of the website that you’re particularly excited about?

There are so many great features to choose from, but what I’m most excited about is the improved experience it will offer to our patients. Whether that is the new practice pages which have photography to showcase our practices and profile our wonderful clinicians and practice teams, or the improved online booking system, the new site offers a wealth of information in one place.

Bupa Dental Care website

Can you talk us through the new dedicated parents’/children’s section, and why it’s become a focus for the business?

It’s no secret that tooth decay is a real problem in young children. The latest figures from the NHS show that over 45,000 under-18s were admitted to hospital in England for tooth extractions in 2017-18. However, the leading causes for dental diseases – such as diet and poor oral care – are entirely preventable.

As a dental business we’re passionate about oral health and overall wellbeing for everyone. But it’s vitally important to get across the importance of oral hygiene at a young age so that children develop healthy oral habits for life, which is why we’ve included a dedicated section on the new website for parents and children.

Bupa Dental Care website

We’re committed to educating children, teachers and parents about oral health and will continue to work on material for the website, to share in schools and at our practices. Some of the content you can expect to see includes what to expect from your teeth at the different stages of development, plus sugar swaps, a guide to dental emergencies in children and more.

Any final thoughts?

I’d just encourage everyone to take a look at the new website, share it with your colleagues, friends and family, and let us know what you think!