Taking strides to shrink our carbon footprint

05 June 2018 . International

Recognising you can’t have healthy people without a healthy planet, Bupa has been on a journey to reduce its carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency across the business since 2009.
Richmond Villages

We’ve celebrated a number of milestones along the way. Despite growing our business organically and through acquisitions, we’ve reduced absolute carbon emissions year-on-year, recording a 28% reduction against our 2009 baseline and earning Carbon Trust Standard certification four years running.

Energy efficiency is another big priority. We’ve invested more than £50m in an energy efficiency programme, installing new heating systems, solar panels and improving insulation and lighting across our office buildings, care homes and hospitals.  

In the UK, Spain, Poland and Denmark, we’ve converted to 100% renewable power across all our sites and, globally, renewable energy sources now account 50% of our supply. We’ve invested in our own renewable generation, too, with on-site solar PV panels now contributing 4% of our global electricity use.

Environment is one of five focus areas in Bupa’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) agenda and we’re finding creative ways to bring it to life for our people and customers. We created a dementia-friendly solar panel garden at one of our Sanitas Mayores care homes, giving our Spanish residents a new outdoor space with added environmental benefits.

Yolanda Erburu, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Global Practice Lead, says: “We committed to improving our carbon footprint in 2009 and we’ve been doing it year after year.

“We continue to invest in clean energy and growing our own renewable generation and we now generate 9GWh on site through our solar PV panels.

“I’m very proud of our carbon progress story, which has possible thanks to the dedication and hard work of our people globally. And the work doesn’t stop here. We are very proud of contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals with our environment agenda.”