Retirement Village for School Children: UK village opens its doors to youngsters

24 January 2019 . United Kingdom

How much can the young and old teach each other? That’s the question being asked as a luxury retirement village opens its doors to a group of nine and 10-year-olds.
Retirement village for kids

A documentary entitled “Old People’s Home for 4 year olds”, which paired older adults with children to explore the benefits, was aired by Channel 4 last year.

Richmond Bede Village has teamed up with a local school to replicate this study, with the first visit taking place last week.

Ten children from Year 5 at Goodyers End Primary School in Bedworth visited the local retirement village to meet with 10 residents. They had lunch together and then talked about World War ll.

Linda Watson, Village Manager, said: “The documentary showed the older adults and children were able to learn from each other, whilst having lots of fun. The benefits were huge, so we decided to replicate this.

“The first visit went very well. The children really enjoyed talking to our residents about their experiences, memories and their collection of memorabilia. While the residents said how much they enjoyed it, in particular how polite the children were, and how genuinely keen they seemed.”

One of the school pupils, Jess, said “I really enjoyed listening to Beryl and looking at the selection of medals she had which belonged to her father from the First World War and her late husband for his service during the Second World War.”

The project is a four-week pilot which, if successful, will be rolled out to more residents and children.

Retirement village for kids