Nursing: Oscar's story

14 May 2018 . United Kingdom

Oscar is a Transplant Coordinator at Bupa UK’s Cromwell Hospital. He’s been a nurse for 15 years and is a liver specialist. In his spare time he likes writing novels, walking in the countryside and attends the gym regularly.

International Nursing Day 2018 - Oscar

What drew you to nursing?

I’ve always been drawn to helping others, and liked the hospital environment. For me, there are few things as rewarding as relieving someone’s pain and worries.

Tell us more about what a Transplant Coordinator does?

I’m involved in the liver transplant process right from the very start. I assess the recipient of the new donor, explain and manage the process for the patient, provide psychological support to the patient and their family, and conduct follow-ups post-surgery. I see myself as the link between the patient and other clinical staff.

As well as handling the patient journey, I conduct clinical audits, implement and review clinical policies in coordination with other clinicians, and liaise with the relevant government departments and regulatory bodies to make sure they have all the data they need.

Tell us about a day you’ll never forget…  

It might sound like a small thing but I’ll never forget a patient who I was treating for the second time. I remembered how nauseous he had felt during his first round of treatment so I decided to give him an additional dose of anti-sickness medication to avoid him experiencing that feeling for a second time. He was really touched that I’d remembered his sickness and that I’d made an active choice not to let that happen again. His gesture of gratitude, a strong and genuine handshake, was enough to let me know how appreciative he was. It’s important that nurses see their patients as people and not just a number.

What are you most proud of in your current role?

As a transplant coordinator, you’re involved from beginning to end in giving someone else a new lease of life due to the generosity of someone close. It really is one of the most beautiful things in modern medicine, a miracle in a way. I meet all sorts of people who all have the same good intention of curing someone else’s illness and this fills me with happiness. It makes it easier for me to come to work with a smile (even at the weekend).