How I got into nursing

01 December 2020 . New Zealand

A broken arm followed by a three-week hospital stay, aged just four, inspired Bupa’s Gloria Petrie to pursue a nursing career.


Pictured above is Gloria Petrie with student Kaela Emslie

Becoming an Aged Care Nurse

Since the age of four, Gloria Petrie wanted to be a nurse. As a toddler she had broken her arm and spent three weeks in hospital in New Zealand, where she lives. The incredible care that Gloria received during her stay is something she still remembers today, and it was this event that inspired her to pursue a career in nursing.

After completing a three-year nursing degree, Gloria began working at Bupa Eventhorpe Care home, where she has been for the past 14 years.

Aged care was never myShe says, “ thing, I thought I was going to go into surgery or paediatric care but I got a job at the home and fell in love with it. I love how the smallest interactions or gestures can have such a positive impact on residents.

“I remember staying on for hours just holding a resident’s hand. We both spoke about the challenges faced when growing up, that was really hard.”

Changing perceptions of aged care

Gloria is also determined to change the perception of aged care with nursing students who complete work experience at the care home.

“When I was a student I thought aged care would be boring. I didn’t realise how much is really involved, you’re the nurse and you’re making the decisions. I remind the nursing students that they’ll get out what they put in.”

After becoming Unit Coordinator a year ago and expanding her leaderships skills, Gloria has now stepped up again into the role of Clinical Manager temporarily, and she says she relishes the opportunity to teach others and care for residents.