Dental: Dr Irina Beleva's Story

29 May 2018 . United Kingdom

Irina is an Associate Dentist at Bupa Dental Care in our Newark practice. She graduated from The Medical University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 2011 and moved to the UK in 2013 to follow her passion for aesthetic dentistry. Irina felt the UK was the best move due to its diversity, good universities and a rich history.
Dr Irina Beleva

What was your experience moving to the UK to become a dentist?

 “I’m an adventurous person, so it wasn’t too scary. In fact, my experience has been really positive. I’ve met some great people and had lots of fun exploring a new country. The language wasn’t an issue, as I speak five in total. 

“The move itself wasn’t that stressful. My documents were ready within a month and by the next I had a job offer. I worked for nearly four years in the West Midlands - doing postgraduate training in Aesthetic and Restorative dentistry, before moving to Nottingham to start working at Bupa.”

Why did you decide to join Bupa?

“My first two positions were in independent practice – so it’s a much smaller team and you’re expected to do a lot yourself. I struggled to stay on top of new processes, clinical compliances, medical law, CQC, etc. It took a lot of time managing this myself. As Bupa is a big company they have teams to help coordinate and keep you up to date. And they also have people to support the more administrative elements of my role, such as checking that lab work has been sent or new materials ordered. It means I can concentrate on taking care of the patients!”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I’m really fortunate with my team at Bupa Newark, my colleagues are my friends. We get along really well. We work hard and laugh even harder. It’s a “Girl Power” team; we have lots of fun together. It seems like there is always someone on a diet… until the moment someone decides to order pizza for lunch which puts the plans for a beach body on hold for another day.

“Working at Bupa gives me clinical freedom but there is also a great support network from my team, and as a clinician this is really important to me. It gives me confidence and reassurance. Also, being a big company there are always new opportunities which I find quite exciting.”

What are your future career plans?

“I am currently doing an MSc programme in Endodontics, and I want to use this to further explore digital dentistry. I want to be one of the first clinicians at Bupa to fully integrate digital within Endodontics and prove its excellent results and simplicity of workflow. Bupa is a modern forward-thinking company, and I feel that getting support for my plan isn’t going to be an issue. In fact, my team are already very excited about the idea.”

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining Bupa?

“Joining a big company might seem scary, but there’s nothing to be concerned about. It is one of the best decisions I made. You’ll meet lots of lovely people and make new friends. You get great support from your team, support staff, as well as the wider company. And of course, Bupa is full of opportunities to progress and develop your career in whatever direction you decide to take!”

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