Celebrating Bupa volunteers

05 January 2021 . United Kingdom

At Bupa, our people have been at the forefront of our community response throughout the pandemic. Colleagues across Bupa have got stuck in to volunteering: helping in our care homes; supporting community wellbeing; and helping our local communities by volunteering time, resources and experience.

In London, we partner with the East London Business Alliance (ELBA) to provide support to local community organisations. This can sometimes be through donations and grants however the main way we help is by volunteering our skills and experience from the corporate world.

Andrew Whyley, Internal Audit Manager at Bupa Group, recently joined a local school virtual careers day to share his career story and give an insight into what it's like to work for Bupa.

We spoke to Andrew about his work as a volunteer.

What prompted you to become a volunteer?

There are many charities and organisations who rely completely on volunteering, so it's incredibly important. Sharing your own skills and experiences can be invaluable, not only for those that you are volunteering for, but also your own mental wellbeing. Volunteering also helps you gain valuable skills, experiences and helps with your own confidence. It’s a chance to use your own experiences through your career to hopefully help out other people.

Why do you think volunteering your time/skills is important?

Volunteering, for me, is important as it offers essential help to worthwhile causes, people in need and the wider community. There are many companies, charities and organisations who solely rely on volunteering, so sharing your own skills and experiences can be invaluable for these people.

It’s also a great opportunity for me, as the volunteer, to engage with people I may never meet in normal day to day life and learn about them too. Volunteering is a two way street where you can share your skills and experiences, but they can also share theirs so you’re helping each other grow and develop. Overall, it’s been a joyful experience and I look forward to continuing!

Do you have any words of encouragement for those thinking about volunteering their time and skills?

If you want to break away from your day to day, engage with new people and share your skills and experiences, volunteering is a great way of doing this. On top of this, you are guaranteed to be helping people who really need your help which will only make you and them feel better. Volunteering will help to connect you with others, help your mental health and give you a real purpose to why you do what you do.