Cancer: Charlotte’s story

25 April 2019 . United Kingdom

When Charlotte, 49, found a painful lump in her breast she immediately thought the worst. She knew she would worry more if she had to wait to see her GP, so she used her Bupa health insurance to call Bupa UK’s Cancer Direct Access team straight away. Here she shares her experience.

“When I found a painful lump in my breast I immediately started to stress and think the worst. I called my GP but was told I would have to wait a week to see them. I started to stress and worry even more so I called Bupa UK’s 24/7 helpline to find out if they could arrange for me to see a doctor sooner. I was put through to Bupa’s Direct Access service. I explained my symptoms and was immediately booked an appointment with a consultant. I called on a Monday and my appointment was scheduled for Wednesday, which was a massive relief.

I was really nervous when I arrived for my appointment, but the consultant’s assistant was very welcoming and put me at ease. The consultant examined me and sent me for an ultrasound. He quickly told me that the lump was a series of cysts. I was so relieved, as the worst had been going through my mind.

As a precaution the consultant sent me for a mammogram. Within 30 minutes I was back with him and he told me I had inflamed milk ducts. This made me laugh as my twins are 16 years old! My tests were sent to a radiologist to review. Days later I received a letter confirming everything the consultant had told me. 

I was absolutely amazed everything had happened so quickly. I was in and out of the hospital in an hour. Having gone there feeling absolutely petrified, I was dancing on air when I left. It’s the best service I’ve ever received, and I’ve been telling everyone.

I was very lucky, but I know that had I received bad news I would have felt reassured because of the care I received that day, and if treatment had been required I would have been seen quickly and taken care of.”