#BupaContigo: Supporting Communities in Latin America

11 August 2021 . Latin America

Over the last 18 months we’ve witnessed the importance of supporting local communities when they need it the most. To play their part, Bupa Global Latin America (BGLA) launched Bupa Contigo, a corporate responsibility programme which has supported healthcare workers and local businesses across Latin America during the pandemic.

To date, BGLA has partnered with public hospitals in 6 countries across Latin America including Ecuador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Guatemala and Peru to provide healthcare workers with meals (allowing them to fully concentrate their time and efforts to provide patient care) as well as supporting children of frontline workers with mental wellbeing kits.

We recently spoke to the team behind the initiative to find out more about the impact it’s having from those delivering it first-hand.

What impact do you think Bupa Contigo has had on local communities?

Karinna Damo, Marketing Director, BGLA says, “We launched the programme in the first few months of the pandemic, when front line workers were feeling most of the strain. Doctors, nurses and workers from multiple public hospitals in 6 countries expressed their gratitude for receiving our donations, so they could fully concentrate their time and efforts to save lives during the pandemic. Bupa Contigo has reached, in some way or another, more than 13.9 million people since May 2020. We feel very grateful to be in a position where we can alleviate, even if just a little, the burden of so many.”

How does it feel to be a part of this initiative?

“Working on this program gave us a big sense of pride under our commitment to being a responsible business. This positive experience, alongside Bupa’s vision for a sustainable future, have inspired and emboldened us to continue to create new ways to help our communities and the planet while exercising our responsibility as a leading healthcare provider in the region”, commented Carlos Adese, Head of Corporate Affairs, BGLA.

What has been a highlight of the project for you so far?

Alexei Ibarra, Senior Brand & Marketing Communications Manager, BGLA said, “Being able to give back to the unsung heroes of the pandemic, their little ones and local communities when they needed it the most is priceless. It’s also been a hugely gratifying experience to work alongside like-minded colleagues from across Bupa Global Latin America to put this programme together.”

Receiving national recognition

This year, the team were honoured in the 19th Annual American Business Awards and picked up two Stevie Awards. The prestigious business award honours achievements and positive contributions made by organisations worldwide.

The two awards, ‘Most Valuable Corporate Response’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year’ were granted for the team’s efforts in ensuring people’s wellbeing during the pandemic and for supporting communities. Judges commented on the scope, quality and strong results that have been evident throughout the programme.

The team behind the programme tell us more in the video below.