Bupa Berwick takes care of their own

28 June 2018 . Australia

Bupa Berwick, one of our care homes in Melbourne, Australia, scoops the award for 'Creating a culture that protects the health and safety of our people' in Bupa's first Global Health & Safety Excellence Awards

Bupa Berwick, Australia

It’s alright not to be OK. We’ve all had tough days at work and when it happens you feel better knowing that your colleagues are there for you.

At Bupa Berwick, one of our care homes in Australia, employees don’t just look after their residents, they take exceptional care of each other too.

Imagine receiving one of their Wellbeing Champion’s wellbeing packs. These hot pink bundles of goodies are designed to brighten someone’s day and acknowledge their troubles without imposing.

Recipients always giggle at the witty gifts and notes, such as marbles “in case you lose yours”, or a notebook to help you start a metaphorical new chapter. Employee Samira says that receiving the pack during her struggle with family illnesses and the death of a close loved one was when it “all turned around”.

Bupa Berwick cleverly uses humour to tackle tough issues and open up difficult conversations. RUOK? is an Australian suicide prevention initiative named because saying each letter out loud is the first step towards helping someone. On RUOK? Day 2017, Bupa Berwick’s Wellbeing Champions held an extravagant morning tea to explain the support available at Bupa and encourage everyone to keep asking this important question.

They also mind your body. The home’s Wellbeing Champions have stocked Grab and Go health snacks and, in winter, the chef turns waste into want, using excess food to create healthy and tasty soups for staff to share. Recently, the Champions self-funded a Bike and Blend Day so everyone could enjoy being active together.

Through the work of its Wellbeing Champions, Bupa Berwick has become more than a home: it’s a community that feels like family. As the home’s manager, Louise Willet, says: “These wellbeing initiatives benefit everyone in the home, including the residents. I’m already seeing the benefits in my team.”