Supporting our BAME colleagues

Published by Evelyn Bourke
Group CEO

12 June 2020 . International

The impact of the appalling death of George Floyd and so many others, is being felt around the world.

I want our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues, partners and customers to know that Bupa stands together with them. We have no tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Paula Franklin has written a powerful personal message. I found it moving and humbling. It made me think. In it, Paula says: “This is a matter for us all.”  

I could not agree more.

Bupa’s Executive Team and I made a clear statement to reaffirm our personal and organisational commitment to a workplace and a world that is diverse, inclusive, tolerant, empowered and respectful.

But while words are important, we know that action is essential.

‘Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion’ is one of the four pillars of Bupa’s People Strategy. Continuing to drive this remains a top priority. We must continuously and consciously work to ensure Bupa is an inclusive organisation, that welcomes everyone - all ethnicities and backgrounds, disabilities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and religious beliefs.

Evelyn Bourke

Group CEO

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