How sharing data will help improve patient outcomes

Published by Philip Luce
Director of Bupa Cromwell Hospital

28 June 2018 . United Kingdom

For the first time, a programme to ensure private healthcare and the NHS in England record data in the same way has been announced this week.

The Acute Data Alignment Programme (ADAPt) was prompted by the Government and will be delivered by a consortium of NHS and private healthcare organisations led by NHS Digital and the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN).

Announcing the launch of the programme, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jeremy Hunt said the programme will drive improvements in data collection and help patients and others build their understanding of the quality of care they are receiving.

So how will the initiative work? In short, the ADAPt will redirect private sector data from the PHIN – an independent organisation that provides information about private healthcare to patients – to NHS Digital, which will manage, analysis, and deliver the data through various reports.

Phil Luce, Director of Bupa Cromwell Hospital said: “Yesterday’s announcement is key to driving continuous improvement across the entire healthcare sector and one we wholeheartedly support. No matter where care is delivered all patients must be confident of receiving the highest quality care. By sharing data through initiatives such as this, and programmes like ‘Get It Right First Time’ we can build trust in the system and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

“The ADAPt goes hand in hand with Bupa signing the CQC’s new Memorandum of Understanding last month, by working more closely with the CQC, the new information sharing agreement will help make sure our customers continue to receive the best possible care.”

Philip Luce

Director of Bupa Cromwell Hospital

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