How we’re showing our support for Pride and championing diversity

Published by Bupa guest author

06 July 2018 . United Kingdom

Written by Jamie Corbridge, Bupa Group Head of Talent and Inclusion

At Bupa, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and diverse organisation so I’m delighted we are changing our logo from blue to incorporate the rainbow flag across a number of our social media channels this weekend in support of London Pride.

Bupa diversity logo

This is the first time we have ever adapted our logo in support of an event or campaign so it’s only right it is one that is so close to our values. The importance of diversity is written into our code of conduct, while our values include being open and authentic. We also promote embracing our differences, as they make us stronger and reflect the needs of our customers.

In recent years, Bupa has stepped up its commitment to diversity and inclusion globally. We’ve joined EMpower and OUTstanding – which work to improve inclusion in the workplace for ethnic minorities and LGBT+ respectively. Our Bupa UK CEO, David Hynam, was recently honoured as one of the top 10 LGBT+ Executives by OUTstanding. This week he shared what Pride means to him and why it is important to promote diversity in the workplace. You can read what he had to say here.

In Australia we are driving positive, sustainable and scalable change in LGBT+ inclusion and have recruited LGBT+ inclusion champions trained in self-care and improving mental health outcomes for the LGBT+ community.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our people across Bupa are also doing a lot to be proud of. One great initiative is our DiverCity employee network. This started in our Coventry office in the UK thanks to one of our people who was passionate about raising awareness and understanding about a range of topics from LGBT+ to disability.

Since its launch in 2016, DiverCity has celebrated a number of achievements including being entered into an LGBT+ pride event in Birmingham for the first time and sponsoring Coventry Pride last month. Angela Kay, who spearheads the DiverCity movement, was also named one of the Top 10 Diversity Champions in the UK in the Annual LGBT Awards in her first year of entering.

This year, hundreds of our people are getting involved in Pride events in Coventry, Manchester and Brighton, with many more gearing up to show their support in London this weekend.

Here are some of the great things our people have said about diversity and inclusion at Bupa:

“Bupa is 100% supportive and dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds, encouraging people to be their best self.”

“Bupa has been nothing but open and accepting of my sexuality, giving me opportunities to thrive and grow in a diverse environment.”

While we’re proud of what we have achieved so far, cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture is a continuous journey and one we at Bupa are proud to be driving. Celebrating people’s differences brings huge benefits to Bupa, our customers and our people, and I look forward to seeing where the next step on our journey of championing diversity and inclusion will take us.


Bupa guest author