Empowering our nurses to bring their ambitious ideas to life

Published by Bupa guest author

16 July 2019 . International

Written by Jan Adams, former Managing Director, Bupa Aged Care New Zealand

I am delighted to announce five extraordinary Bupa nurses have received Global Bupa Nurse Scholarships worth £10,000 to fund their professional, education and development goals.

Jan Adams with the new scholars

The Global Bupa Nurse Scholarship, now in its second year, empowers our nurses with the confidence, tools, and support to bring their ambitious ideas to life. The year-long programme is designed to help scholars transform into our compassionate clinical leaders of the future.

While I was reading through their impressive scholarship applications, I started thinking about which skills I’ve found most useful in both my nursing and executive roles. Three things came to mind: empathy, resilience and bucket loads of common sense. These are qualities I believe all Bupa nurses share, and our scholars will definitely need, as they embark on their scholarship clinical improvement projects.

To give them a head start,  our new scholars recently met in London to workshop essential leadership skills. Travelling from Poland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and around the UK, the five scholars were mentored by clinical leaders on building trust and authenticity, planning and managing projects, pitching ideas, and influencing decision-makers.

Inspired and energised, they are now launching their ambitious projects that I believe will deliver immense value to our members, as well as our business.

Olga Wróbel, a nursing team manager for LUXMED in Krakow is creating a specialist urology clinic to offer behavioural therapy to children with lower urinary tract dysfunction. It’s a therapy that’s sophisticated yet simple to deliver and very much in demand.

Sergio Castaño Jimenez, a paediatric nurse in Sanitas’ La Moraleja Hospital, is on a quest to ensure we serve balanced, healthy food in our hospitals. Take a look at his Instagram account for people living with diabetes @hablandoderaciones and you’ll see how he’s giving us food for thought.

Jennifer Law is a clinician with impressive commercial awareness. The corporate lead clinician from UK Insurance is reviewing how we manage high-cost claims and exploring ways to improve our processes with digital innovation and global collaboration. I’m really looking forward to reading her recommendations.

Amnah Ahmad Alharthi, is a nurse in charge who’s already setting a great example of what women can achieve in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her proposed multidisciplinary MS centre of excellence will be the first of its kind in the region.

Emma Stephens, a nurse advisor for Bupa Global, embodies what we mean when we say we’re people-centred. Through personal experience, she believes we can offer more proactive and holistic support to members whose preferred cancer treatment is experimental and not covered by their insurance policy. I hope her work also inspires others to keep questioning what we can do better.

I’ll be encouraging all of our wonderful nurses to contribute their expertise to our scholarship recipient’s projects. Nurses have a unique camaraderie forged by working together to help other people. While the scholarship is awarded to individuals, we will all benefit from our scholars’ drive to continuously improve the care we give.

Congratulations to our 2019 Global Bupa Nurse Scholarship recipients and good luck for the year ahead!

Bupa guest author