Driving Bupa’s corporate responsibility and sustainability agenda

Published by Yolanda Erburu
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Global Practice Lead

16 April 2018 . International

I’m delighted that we are seeing some wonderful, tangible results from Bupa’s corporate responsibility and sustainability agenda, and I’d like to share a selection of our achievements from 2017, recognising the great initiatives we are implementing within the countries in which we operate.
Driving Bupa's CRS

Over the course of the year we invested around £3.5m in research, health programmes and social initiatives through our Health Foundations across Australia, the UK and Spain, as well as ensuring we are empowering our customers and our people worldwide to look after their health and wellbeing.

We’ve invested around £3.5m in research, health programmes and social initiatives through our Health Foundations

Our Australian team invested in research to ensure the sustainability of affordable healthcare; our UK Foundation awarded grants to support more than 50 projects focused on midlife mental health, healthy futures and caring for carers; and in Spain, we invested in promoting healthy lifestyles and social integration of children with disabilities through sport. This follows an investment of around £3.3m in similar initiatives in 2016, ensuring that we continue to create shared value in the societies we operate in.

We also continued to strengthen our commitment to the environment, actively promoting positive environmental practices. Despite company growth, in 2017 we reduced absolute carbon emissions year-on-year – a reduction of 28% against our 2009 baseline.

We prioritised renewable energy sources, which accounted for 50% of our energy by the end of 2017 – with almost all energy used in our facilities across the UK and Spain coming from renewable sources. Meanwhile, we gained our fourth annual recertification of the Carbon Trust Standard, acknowledging best practice and year-on-year carbon reductions.

We’ve reduced our absolute carbon emissions year-on-year, and prioritised renewable energy sources

I’m also very proud of how we have widened the scope of our diversity agenda. For example, In Australia, we’re driving positive, sustainable and scalable change in terms of LGBTI+ inclusion, and we have recruited LGBTI+ inclusion champions trained in self-care and improving mental health outcomes for the LGBTI+ community. We have continued to champion gender equality, with initiatives such as the Gender Agenda programme in Australia and New Zealand; and Max Bupa’s award ceremonies in India which acknowledge the great business contributions of its female employees.

Our associate business Bupa Arabia, which was recently recognised as a ‘Great Place to Work’ for the fourth year in a row, continued to focus on recruiting and developing women, enhancing its maternity leave policy above the statutory requirement. The business now also provides an in-house child care facility for employees’ children aged between three months old and two years old, to help their people better manage their work-life balance.

Elsewhere, in the UK, 30 of our care homes committed to a national campaign to combat loneliness by engaging communities with older people in care homes, and in Hong Kong, Quality HealthCare continued its partnership with Senior Citizen Home Safety Association.

Bupa Global, our international private medical insurance business, funded 13 separate projects through our Community Grants scheme, including funding shelter for young homeless people in the UK, and repairing flood damaged housing in Sri Lanka.

I’m extremely proud of all we are achieving, and you can read more about what else we are doing in CRS around the world here.

We are not complacent about CRS and will continue to drive our strategy and initiatives in each of the countries in which we operate.

Looking to the future, Bupa remains committed to promoting initiatives based on our ethics in management, accountability to our customers, value shared with our communities and our people, and our care and respect for the environment. By doing so, we want to contribute to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

Yolanda Erburu

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Global Practice Lead

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