Canada calls for co-operation on climate change: G7 Summit

Published by Yolanda Erburu
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Global Practice Lead

25 September 2018 . International

The world is witnessing the impact of climate change first hand – from severe storms and typhoons, to threatening wildfires, to record-breaking heatwaves.
Solar power building

I am pleased to see the meeting of G7 ministers in Canada discussing the international toll of climate change and the need for ambitious global collaboration. The ministerial summit focused on key areas negatively impacting the biosphere we live in, such as plastic pollution, fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

The outcomes of the Summit are encouraging, most notably Ottawa’s goal to remove single-use plastics from national operations and The G7 group looking at how to tackle the rising levels of marine pollution, for example lost fishing nets, which accounts for 70% of plastic waste floating on the sea’s surface.

As a leading international healthcare group, at Bupa we recognise that we cannot improve people’s health without improving the wellbeing of the planet. We are in a privileged position to make that happen. This is why we continue to take progressive steps forward in order to reduce our contribution to climate change, promoting positive environmental practices and to grow cleanly. But, we also know that there is always more to be done.

Making a positive impact on the environment is an integral part of our strategy. We are committed to measuring our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability progress because we believe in the saying “what gets measured, gets done”. Bupa has been working on reducing its carbon footprint for years, investing heavily in renewable energy sources. There has been promising progress so far; for the fourth consecutive year Bupa has achieved the Carbon Trust Standard, the world's leading independent certification of an organisation's impact on the environment. Additionally, 58% of our electricity is now coming from renewable sources and we predict this will be over 60% by the end of 2018.

I’m delighted to report that Bupa Chile has become the first health group in the country to receive the ERNC certification delivered by electricity and gas distributor Enel. Meanwhile, a number of UK Bupa sites attained recertification against the Environmental Management standard. The report commended Bupa’s “Keep Cups” initiative, aimed to reduce the number of paper cups used and thrown away by employees.

We always intend on working in a way that has as little impact on the environment as possible, and will help build a healthier planet for our customers, the society they live in and future generations to come. I am proud to work for an organisation that strives to do more for the environment, and has a long-term vision that matches those who represent nations at global environmental summits, such as the G7.

Yolanda Erburu

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Global Practice Lead

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