Bupa Nurse Scholarships - creating opportunity for our extraordinary nurses

Published by Jan Adams
Managing Director, Bupa Aged Care, New Zealand

28 June 2018 . International

Four extraordinary Bupa nurses receive Bupa Global Nurse Scholarships worth £10,000 to fund their professional, education and development goals.

As I left New Zealand early last week, my home country was eagerly awaiting a very special delivery. Only once before has a young, female prime minister had a baby while leading her country.

As a former midwife, I was naturally excited. As Bupa’s Global Chief Nurse, I’m even more thrilled that we’re living in a time when we’re celebrated for doing things differently; when we can achieve whatever we set our mind to.

When I became Bupa’s Global Chief Nurse in 2016, my ambition was to create opportunity for our extraordinary nurses. Beyond the development options already available in each of our markets, I wanted to create a scholarship that would provide extra mentorship and financial support for some of our most impressive nurses.

So I’m delighted to announce that this project, after months of anticipation, has finally arrived.


On Wednesday morning at Bupa’s Clinical Forum in Brighton, UK, I had the privilege of announcing our first Global Bupa Nurse Scholarship winners. Lara Medrano Gracia, Kathryn Briones, Ling Pang and Kathryn Mawhinney are four young registered nurses who have already achieved so much in their careers. They are primed to become future leaders.

As part of their scholarship applications, they have each set out an ambitious clinical improvement project to not only aid their own development, but add significant value to our customer’s experience and business performance.

Bupa nurses

Lara Medrano Gracia, Head of Health and Hygiene at the Altanova-St. Gervasi care home in Barcelona, wants to use her scholarship to bring dignity and comfort to people living with advanced dementia. She plans to create tools that will streamline and improve holistic end-of-life care for health professionals, patients and their families.

Kathryn Briones (pictured left) is looking to examine the clinical handover process in aged care. As a Clinical Education Consultant for Bupa Villages and Aged Care Australia, her work could have far-reaching effects on the way health professionals, residents and their families communicate with each other – improving outcomes for all.

Ling Pang wants to support the families of those living with dementia. The Dementia Services Consultant for Bupa Australia developed a Partners in Person First (PIPF) programme to help families better understand the effects of dementia and express their own feelings. With her scholarship, Ling hopes to expand PIPF across Australia and New Zealand and enrol in a master’s degree.

Kathryn Mawhinney (pictured right), a Clinical Lead for Bupa UK’s Care Support Team, says the UK hasn’t fully addressed how case management fits into a system where patients are accessing publicly- and privately-funded healthcare simultaneously. She plans to be part of the solution, challenging current case management processes and embracing digital transformation.

Opportunity calls

Open to all permanent Bupa registered nurses, the Bupa Global Nurse Scholarship awards mentorship sessions with clinical leaders, along with £10,000 to help winners achieve their professional, education and development goals. It’s designed to encourage travel and networking with global colleagues; we want our registered nurses to learn from each other and bring new ideas home.

I couldn’t have delivered this initiative without Caroline Stanger, Director of Clinical Leadership, and Emilie Devienne, Clinical Leadership Programme Manager, from Bupa’s Corporate Centre. They’ve both worked incredibly hard to bring the scholarship to life and I’m very grateful to them.

Future leaders

It’s wonderful to be back in the UK, where I began my career, for the Clinical Forum. Despite our busy roles, it’s essential that we all take a moment to appreciate the incredible nursing talent within Bupa, and the many ways our nurses contribute to Bupa’s members living longer, healthier, happier lives and the business’ bottom line.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be back home in New Zealand not far from where Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern safely delivered her baby girl. As one leader welcomes the next generation, during the Forum, I’ve also been reflecting on my own role nurturing our nursing talent.

I’ll be proud if one day I’m handing over to one of our scholarship recipients, or one of our talented lead nurses. These extraordinary people are driving our vision and agenda forward.

Congratulations to them all.

Jan Adams

Managing Director, Bupa Aged Care, New Zealand

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