Brilliance Resilience podcast with the Bupa Foundation

24 November 2020 . United Kingdom

The Bupa Foundation has launched a series of podcasts; Resilience Brilliance. Presented by Dr. Paula Franklin, Chief Medical Officer at Bupa, and Alex Cole, Bupa’s Chief Customer & Corporate Affairs Officer, guests on the show share their powerful, personal and passionate stories of resilience.


Here Paula and Alex share their thoughts on resilience and why right now it’s much needed.

If there was ever a year we needed resilience, 2020 is certainly it.

As Trustees of the Bupa Foundation we’re lucky to meet amazing people who are resilience superstars. We thought their stories deserved a wider audience - which is how our Resilience Brilliance podcast was born. In each episode, friends of the Bupa Foundation share how they dig deep to cope.

In our launch episodes we talk to Ali Oliver, CEO Youth Sport Trust and Joanna Coates CEO UK Athletics about the power of sport to build resilience (and we learnt that you don’t have to be sporty to benefit from being active!). Headteacher, Ben Levinson, shares how he’s navigated the challenges of running a school during COVID-19 and his own struggles with anxiety. And in Episode 3 we talk about inclusive communities and Black Lives Matter with Ian Parkes, CEO at East London charity, ELBA; and Safia Jama, CEO at the Women's Inclusive Team.

We learnt so much from all our guests and hope you do too. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone in feeling anxious, scared or lacking in confidence from time to time can help. Here are some of the top tips our brilliantly resilient guests have shared:

  1. Give yourself permission to give yourself what you need - Go for that walk or run to clear your head
    Take ten minutes to just pause, have a cup of tea and hit the reset button
  2. Have the right people around you - Surround yourself with people who can lift you up when you need it most. Being resilient isn’t about being strong all the time, it’s fine to ask for help
  3. Actively manage your energy - What’s the song that gets you back on track or makes you feel on top of the world? When things get too much, what can you let go of? Helping someone else can help you feel good

We hope you enjoy listening and we’ll share more episodes soon – in the meantime, please look after yourself.

Alex and Paula

All episodes are available to download here.