Adapting to COVID-19

Published by Paula Franklin
Chief Medical Officer

02 April 2020 . International

When faced with the unexpected, the unprecedented, the unimaginable… it is people who make the difference.

Sanitas clinical employees

At Bupa, we’re transforming ourselves so we can play a part, serving the health efforts of the countries we operate in. Our purpose is helping people to live longer, healthier, happier lives. COVID19 is making this more important than ever. Across the whole of Bupa, over half of the people we employ are health and care professionals and carers: doctors, nurses, dentists, care assistants, mental and physical health advisers, and more. Many of them are now playing an integral part in their country’s response. Across the world, our people are proud to be supporting the public health systems in caring for COVID-19 patients.

It’s clear COVID-19 will lead to changes in healthcare; there will be huge amounts to learn from the pandemic, how it developed and how the world responded. And as a world-wide war, its impact will also be societal. The full effects are yet to be seen, but I can already see how it is tapping into humanity’s ability and willingness to adapt.

Like no other time in living history, COVID-19 is forcing us to learn, try new things, and live and work in very different ways. This is about humanity and our ability to respond, change and work together. It is humbling and awe-inspiring in equal measure. 

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Paula Franklin

Chief Medical Officer

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