Bupa UK secures two further Outstanding ratings for its care homes

05 April 2019 . United Kingdom

Bupa UK continues its run of Outstanding care home ratings with two further homes being awarded the accolade by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
Bupa Waverley Grange outstanding

This means that, since the beginning of the year, Bupa UK has secured four Outstanding ratings. In total it now has seven homes with the rating.

In the recent reports, both Bupa Waverley Grange in Farnham and Bupa Knights’ Grove in Southampton were praised for their exceptional care and leadership.

Joan Elliott, Managing Director for Bupa Care Services, said: “2019 has certainly got off to a flying start, and I’m absolutely delighted to see this success continue. These ratings don’t just happen overnight and it’s great to see all the hard work by our teams coming to fruition. These latest reports are packed with examples of staff going above and beyond to make sure their residents have the best care and experience possible – a huge congratulations to all involved.”

As well as an overall Outstanding rating, colleagues at Bupa Knights’ Grove secured the highest outcome possible in four out of the five areas of their report: effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

During the inspection, one relative explained to the CQC that “the whole environment is one of not just care but also of friendship”, and staff were praised for their work to provide inclusive and meaningful activities. As inspectors visited shortly before Christmas, they saw how staff had come in on their days off to ensure residents’ bedrooms were decorated, if they wanted, and that ‘all areas of the home had a wonderful festive feel to them’.

Elsewhere the report also noted successes from Bupa’s #NeverTooLate initiative which helps residents achieve the goals and experiences they’ve longed to do. In one example, a resident with mobility difficulties was supported to attend their daughter's wedding and walk her down the aisle.

In another, a former member of the Coldstream Guards told staff that he’d like to see the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace one more time. Colleagues went one step further, arranging for a personal guided tour with a current guardsman and for the resident to watch the inspection and Changing of the Guard up close.

Bupa Knights’ Grove was also praised for its management with inspectors noting that ‘without exception [staff] spoke positively about the registered manager and the management team. They confirmed that they felt very well supported which in turn motivated them to do a good job’.

Danni Davies, Home Manager at Bupa Knights’ Grove, said: “We could not have asked for a better outcome. It’s a testament to the effort of everyone involved - not just the management team, but the carers, the cleaners and the chefs. Everyone has done an exceptional job.”

Elsewhere, colleagues at Bupa Waverley Grange care home secured an overall Outstanding rating, with the highest grade possible for three of the five areas of the report: caring, responsive and well-led.

One visitor said the home was “like an orchestra where every instrument plays kindness and respect in all harmony”, and the CQC praised the team for providing care that was tailored to each individual resident. Detailed care plans were in place even including residents’ preferred types of jewellery and perfume – which inspectors saw them wearing.

Colleagues were also applauded for going above and beyond to provide activities that were both interesting and personally significant for residents. As part of a wish-granting programme, the team arranged for one resident to visit friends in Leeds – organising specialised transport and a stay in respite care to make the visit as enjoyable as possible. The resident later expressed their gratitude: “Thank you for facilitating this for me, it meant a lot to be able to do these things at 88 years and in a wheelchair."

In another example, after learning that one resident used to run a farm, the home bought chickens and set up a pen in the grounds of the home. They also purchased a special chair so that the resident – who was cared for in bed – could get out and spend time with them.

Elsewhere, the home was praised for its considered approach to end of life care, working to make residents safe and comfortable, while offering counselling and support to family and friends. Inspectors also saw how colleagues researched the different cultures and religious needs of residents nearing the end of their life, providing a 'multi faith room' to give people a quiet space to reflect and practice their faith if they wanted.

Again, the home’s management was highly praised by inspectors – including their mantra to ‘make every day feel like a celebration’. Examples of this included Valentine’s Day, when the home manager bought roses for every single resident and colleague to show his appreciation. One resident commented: "I haven't received a rose since my husband died so, so long ago, that was very nice to receive a rose especially on Valentine's day, thank you so much."

Reflecting on the report Sachin Rajkumarsingh, Home Manager at Bupa Waverley Grange, said: “It’s more than a care home here, it’s a family and that’s what motivates us to do the best for residents. It’s a team effort, and I’m so proud of everyone for pulling together for residents. While it’s a huge honour to achieve this Outstanding rating, it will always be the smile on residents’ faces that makes the job worthwhile.”

Alongside Bupa Knights’ Grove and Bupa Waverley Grange, the provider’s other Outstanding homes are: Bupa Eglantine Villa in Dartford, Bupa Tenterden House in St Albans, Bupa The Links in Poole, Bupa Arbrook House in Surrey and Bupa St. Marks in Maidenhead.

The full CQC reports are available online for Bupa Knights’ Grove and Bupa Waverley Grange.

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