Bupa UK launches new dementia books and films resource

28 September 2018 . United Kingdom

With dementia affecting more and more of us, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of books, TV programmes and films exploring the topic. In time for World Alzheimer's Month, Bupa UK has launched a new page on its Dementia Hub giving some examples that could be helpful or insightful for people affected by dementia, or for anyone seeking to understand more about the condition.
Bupa UK dementia hub

The examples have been selected by Bupa UK’s Health Content Team, based on recommendations from Bupa staff and positive reviews from dementia organisations and trusted media outlets.

Graham Pembrey, Lead Editor in Bupa UK’s Health Content Team, said: “Through the Find out more page on our Dementia Hub, we aim to show you the best places to go if you want to continue learning about dementia. That might be through books, films or TV programmes about the condition, or by visiting other helpful websites offering information, advice and support. We’re also planning to add another section to this page covering dementia news later this year – so please keep it bookmarked and check back soon.”

Here are a few of the selections

Book: Elizabeth is Missing

By Emma Healey, Penguin

This book tells the story of a character called Maud, who begins to search for her missing friend Elizabeth, despite Maud herself struggling with dementia. As well as receiving rave reviews as a suspenseful tale, the book was praised by the charity Alzheimer’s Research UK for dealing sensitively and realistically with the subject of dementia.

Film: Away from her (2006)

Based on a story by celebrated writer Alice Munro, this Canadian film is about the relationship of a couple affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Once Fiona is diagnosed, she insists that her husband Grant takes her to a nursing home. The film explores the struggles that the couple face in coming to terms with this situation, and their efforts to maintain their relationship in the face of several challenges.

TV: Dementiaville, Channel 4

A three-part documentary exploring a particular approach to dementia care. Staff at the care home featured don't correct the misconceptions of residents with dementia, but try wherever possible to join in with them and preserve their sense of wellbeing. At the time of writing, the entire series is available for free on the All4 Player.

Further examples can be found on the Bupa UK Dementia Hub.

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