Business leaders are key to tackling workplace health and wellbeing challenges

10 August 2016 . United Kingdom

  • Bupa research reveals the vital role business leaders can play in improving health and wellbeing of their employees
  • Nearly 70% of business leaders cite a ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude as a barrier to change
  • Over 60% feel they need to show they don’t suffer from ill health 

Business leaders are the key to overcoming challenges facing employees’ health and wellbeing, according to Bupa UK research. 

The research carried out with hundreds of business leaders reveals that the vast majority (94%) believe there will be significant change in the employer-employee relationship in the next ten years. 91% of business leaders agree that technology will continue to impact the wellbeing of their workforce over the next decade and 71% agree the standard 9am-5pm working day is a thing of the past. 

As well as external factors affecting workplace health and wellbeing, business leaders also pointed to internal trends. 

Seven in ten business leaders (68%) noted a ‘stiff upper lip attitude’ at an executive level, creating barriers to conversations about wellbeing, and three fifths (62%) of leaders think they need to show that they don’t suffer from ill health. 

Half (50%) said it isn’t possible to be a good leader and vulnerable at the same time. 

The research comes as Bupa UK rolls out Boost Well, a suite of wellbeing products, services and advice, helping business leaders support all their people in improving their wellbeing whether they have health insurance or not. 

Patrick Watt, Corporate Director at Bupa, comments: “The pace of change many businesses are experiencing is only set to continue, and while this can feel challenging it also presents huge opportunities to engage and support people on the health issues they care about.

“Health and wellbeing has been a business focus for many years. But by turning the latest technologies and new working patterns to an advantage, business leaders can really get a handle on improving workplace health and wellbeing.“No one business is the same, but tailored programmes that reflect and compliment working practices improves people’s health and wellbeing and ultimately business performance.”

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