Bupa UK Launches Family Mental HealthLine

06 November 2019 . United Kingdom

  • Bupa UK Insurance launches new Family Mental HealthLine for customers, to help parents and children get the support they need 
  • The majority of British teenagers are experiencing mental health symptoms 
  • But six in 10 parents struggle to identify mental health symptoms and over half don’t know where to turn for help
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Poor mental health in teenagers is leaving parents at a loss, according to new research from Bupa UK Insurance.

The majority of teenagers (59%) are experiencing symptoms of mental ill-health including low self-esteem, anxiousness, depression, insomnia and loneliness1. But their parents struggle to identify these issues: six in 10 (63%) admit they’d be unable to distinguish between teenage mood swings and the symptoms of a mental health condition.

Teenage mental health is leaving parents increasingly concerned, and over half are unsure where to turn for help2. Three in 10 have tried searching online for answers, only to come away even more confused and worried, and others are reticent to talk to other parents3.

And although they want to talk more to their children about their mental health, two in five teens (39%) admit they’re “rarely” honest with their parents about how they are feeling.

To combat this Bupa UK Insurance has launched its Family Mental HealthLine for parents and carers, where trained advisors and nurses provide support and advice on how to talk openly about mental health and what to do next. 

Dr. Pablo Vandenabeele, Clinical Director for Mental Health at Bupa UK Insurance, says: “Mental health issues can affect anyone at any age, but it’s worrying to see that such a high proportion of teenagers are reporting symptoms. Naturally this is leaving parents concerned and looking for trustworthy support.

“It can be hard for parents to tell when their child is struggling with their mental health, but I always advise parents to trust their instincts and take action if they are worried. Over the past few years we’ve seen a big increase in the number of customers coming to us wanting support for children they care for. The new Family Mental HealthLine at Bupa aims to give parents a trusted source of advice when they’re not sure where to turn.”

The Family Mental HealthLine is available to anyone with Bupa UK private medical insurance who might be worried about a child’s emotional wellbeing, even if they don’t have cover for the child. It’s the latest initiative from Bupa to support people with mental health conditions. It recently launched extensive mental health cover for individuals and families, ensuring that more people than ever before can access the right help when they need it.

The Bupa Family Mental HealthLine provides: 

  •  A team of trained advisors and mental health nurses to listen and provide advice, guidance and support
  •  Signposting to online resources for additional support and guidance 
  •  Nurse-led case management to help parents with all aspects of their child’s mental health wellbeing, including planning and co-ordinating specialist care if needed

Notes to editor

Research conducted among 2,000 13-19 year olds and 1,100 parents by Opinium Research, online between 12-20 June 2019.

1 Of those surveyed 70% reported currently or previously experiencing low self esteem, anxiousness (81%), sadness or depression (69%) insomnia (52%) and loneliness (57%)

2 42% of parents have become more concerned about their child’s mental health in the past two years. 53% say they wouldn’t know where to turn for help

3 19% of parents who looked online for answers said it left them even more confused and 19% also said it made them even more worried. 48% said they wouldn’t speak to other parents about mental health

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