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We are an international healthcare company, with our businesses and operations tailored to local market conditions, healthcare systems and customer needs.

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  • Australia and New Zealand

    Australia and New Zealand

  • Europe and Latin America

    Europe and Latin America

  • Bupa Global and UK

    Bupa Global and UK

  • Other businesses

    Other businesses

Australia and New Zealand

  • Bupa Health Insurance, with four million customers, is a leading health insurance provider in Australia and also offers health insurance for overseas workers and visitors.

  • Bupa Health Services is a health provision business, comprising dental, optical, audiology, medical assessment services and health care for the Australian Defence Force.

  • Bupa Villages and Aged Care Australia cares for around 6,000 residents across 72 homes. Bupa Villages and Aged Care New Zealand cares for around 3,400 residents in 48 homes and 7 rehabilitation centres and provide independent living in 32 retirement villages in New Zealand.

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Europe and Latin America

  • Sanitas Seguros is the second largest health insurance provider in Spain, with 1.8m customers.

  • Sanitas Hospitales and New Services comprise four private hospitals, 25 private medical clinics, 18 fertility clinics (in Spain and Portugal), and one public hospital under a Public-Private partnership model.

  • Sanitas Dental provides dental services through 194 centres and third-party networks in Spain.

  • Sanitas Mayores cares for around 4,900 people in 47 care homes and operates six daycare centres in Spain.

  • LUX MED is a leading private healthcare business in Poland, operating in health funding and provision through 8 hospitals and 233 private clinics.

  • Bupa Chile is a leading health insurer serving 800,000 customers and offering provision services across four hospitals and 34 medical clinics.

  • Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta is Turkey’s second largest health insurer, with products for corporate and individual customers, and has around 650,000 customers.

  • Care Plus is a leading health insurance company in Brazil, with around 120,000 customers, concentrated in São Paulo.

  • Bupa Mexico is a health insurer offering private medical insurance to individuals and corporates in Mexico, with around 60,000 customers.

  • Bupa Global Latin America provides international health insurance, local health insurance, and travel insurance to around 80,000 customers. Main operations include Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile, as well as a health provision business in Peru.

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Bupa Global and UK

  • Bupa UK Insurance is a leading health insurer, with 2.3m customers.

  • Bupa Dental Care is the leading provider of private dentistry in the UK with 493 dental centres across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

  • Bupa Care Services has around 5,800 residents in 124 care homes, and nine Richmond care villages in the UK. 

  • Bupa Health Services comprises 48 health clinics, and the Bupa Cromwell Hospital.

  • Bupa Global serves over 550,000 IPMI customers and administers travel insurance and medical assistance for individuals, small businesses and corporate customers.

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Other businesses

We also have associate health insurance businesses in Saudi Arabia and India, an interest in MyClinic in Saudi Arabia, a health insurance and provision business in Hong Kong SAR and a representative office and medical centre in mainland China.

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