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Association Members

The oversight normally provided by shareholders is exercised by a body of around 100 distinguished Association Members.

Serving for an initial term of up to 10 years, Members are drawn mainly from business, public life, the medical professions, the charitable sector and academia. Because of Bupa's status, the Association Members do not have any claim on the assets of the company. They do not receive a fee for their service or a share of profits or dividends. This means they can be genuinely independent and free from personal interests in deciding what is best for Bupa.

Association Members attend the Annual General Meeting and regular briefing sessions to ensure they are informed and able to challenge the Board and senior management. The Association Members elect and re-elect Bupa's Directors and Auditors. They also approve other matters required under Bupa's Articles of Association and changes to those Articles of Association.

Potential new Association Members are shortlisted in the first instance by Bupa's Nomination and Governance Committee. If the individuals shortlisted meet the criteria to become Association Members, they will be recommended to the Board by the Nomination and Governance Committee for consideration. If approved by the whole Board, the individuals will be approached to see whether they would be interested in performing the role of an Association Member.