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Our purpose

Our purpose

We began in 1947 in the UK, when 17 provident associations joined together to form Bupa with the purpose of "preventing, relieving and curing sickness and ill health of every kind".

Bupa's purpose is now framed as helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives. With no shareholders, we reinvest profits to benefit our current and future customers.

We work to ensure that we are constantly fulfilling this powerful and enduring purpose for our customers, our people and wider society.

Creating sustainable shared value for our customers, people and communities

Corporate responsibility and sustainability (CRS) is integral to Bupa’s strategy, and reflects our purpose. Without shareholders, we have the freedom to think long term and short term.

We’re clear that we need to run a robust and growing business, so our customers, people and communities can depend on us now and in the future. We know that being a responsible business and doing the right thing underpins our long term success.

Our CRS agenda spans five pillars: Customer, People, Responsible Business Conduct, Community, and Environment and Climate Action.