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Our strategy

Our strategy

Our purpose is enduring – Helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives…

But organisations should adapt and refresh their mission if a new reality demands it. And our reality has changed – we have an increasing part to play, not only in the health of our customers but also the health of our planet.

So, we have added the words “and making a better world”, reflecting the strength of our purpose, while recognising our role in the health of our planet too.

We have introduced our ambition “to be the world’s most customer-centric healthcare company”. We’re committed to excellent customer experiences, through great service and value, frictionless access and quality healthcare.

In 2021, we have established six strategic and enabling pillars to define how we will achieve this ambition:

  • Customers, Growth, Transformation, and Sustainability
  • Supported by Data, and an Agile Culture

We have also set three internal Key Performance Indicators around how we interact with our customers.

During 2021 we will publish more information on this website about these pillars and the projects which are based around them.