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Sustainability and ESG governance

The Sustainability Committee, was established as a full Board committee in April 2021. It assists the Board and its Committees in articulating and developing its sustainability strategy and providing oversight of sustainability initiatives across Bupa, in line with the purpose, values and strategy of Bupa as established by the Board. This includes monitoring of the content and completeness of Bupa’s external statements, disclosures and other reporting on Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) matters.

The Sustainability Steering Committee is chaired by the Chief Sustainability and People Officer. It comprises the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Legal Officer and representatives from Bupa’s Market Units. The Committee is accountable to the Chief Executive Committee to drive Bupa’s sustainability ambitions and outcomes. It reviews the total ESG agenda, including risks and opportunities, oversees reporting, and finalises recommendations to the CEO, Chief Executive Committee, Board, and Sustainability Committee.