our people

Our people

At Bupa we strive to be an inclusive and diverse organisation that welcomes everyone of all beliefs, talents and backgrounds. We embrace our differences knowing that they make us stronger and help better reflect the needs of our customers and communities.

This means creating safe and healthy workplaces which recognise, respect and value differences, and promoting and maintaining inclusive cultures across our global operations. It involves listening to our people through open dialogue and more formal pulse surveys, and then acting on this insight.

Investing in health and wellbeing support for our people has been, and continues to be, a key priority. Our global approach to mental health focuses on raising awareness, creating a supportive environment, encouraging open conversations and providing access to support and care.

Inclusion and Diversity

At Bupa, we believe that Inclusion and Diversity are a natural extension of our company values and must be fully embedded in our culture and our business strategy.

Bupa’s employs over 84,000 people and our businesses span many countries, so it is essential that we continue to ensure we have a diverse workforce that understands and meets customer and wider stakeholder needs, whilst ensuring the organisation reflects the geographies we serve.

Bupa’s inclusion and diversity policy is a company-wide priority championed by our Board. Our Board Diversity Policy can be found here.

We emphasise inclusion first because an inclusive environment is the catalyst to leverage the diversity in our organisation. We define these terms as follows:

  • Inclusion: A commitment to creating an environment that recognises, values and respects the differences we all bring to the workplace, allowing everyone to do their best work.
  • Diversity:All the human characteristics that make us who we are and fuel our perspectives, behaviours and ideas.

We are committed to promoting and maintaining an inclusive culture. No one person, group or culture has all the knowledge, skills or information necessary for success in our business. We believe that diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives result in greater innovation and better problem-solving across our organisation. We have three focus areas:

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Inclusive culture

A culture where everyone can bring their whole selves to work and perform at their best.

We listen and care for our people, creating environments where different perspectives are valued and everyone feels free to contribute.

We focus on inclusion for all and ensure our strategy is linked to our Sustainability, Engagement and Employee Health & Wellbeing priorities, because we believe these things together help to create an inclusive culture.

  • By fostering an inclusive culture, we create greater diversity
    among our workforce, which improves customer connections,
    understanding of cultures and a broader talent pool.
  • We are clear that no one should be excluded because of their age,
    disability, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage,
    pregnancy and maternity, or other factors such as social background.
  • We recognise the importance of listening to our people. We actively
    ask them about inclusion bi-annually to ensure we can understand what’s
    important to people around the world, and track and measure progress.
  • Bupa also supports efforts to make ethnicity pay gap reporting
    mandatory in the UK.
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Inclusive leadership

Our leaders create and enable high performing teams from diverse backgrounds, giving everyone the opportunity to grow.

We seek diversity of skills and backgrounds across our leadership teams, ensuring we represent the customers we serve.

Our leaders focus on engaging and inspiring their teams, providing a sense of meaning and purpose in all they do.

  • We expect leaders to role-model and champion diversity and have explicitly built this into our leadership imperatives - the standards we hire leaders for, develop them to, and assess their performance against.
  • We encourage leaders to create and enable high performing
    teams from diverse backgrounds and have mechanisms in place
    to support this from talent acquisition to succession planning to
  • We recognise the need to continue to build a strong pipeline of
    female leaders, so we ensure leadership development is
    gender-balanced to support this aim.
  • We believe in women empowering other women with mentoring
    and sponsorship programmes in place to support women in their
    leadership journey.
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Inclusive practices

We have inclusive policies and practices that support all of our people and reflect the culture of inclusion we are striving for.

Our practices support our purpose of helping people live longer, healthier happier lives and making a better world.

Our practices are making a meaningful difference to enable greater diversity.

  • We ensure we have fair hiring methods that eliminate any potential for bias.
  • We have policies to support people through life changes
    such as maternity returners and people with other caring
    responsibilities. We also have flexible working practices.
  • We have programmes that bring in early career talent.
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External recognition

Forbes World’s Best Employers

Bupa was ranked 87 out of 750 multinationals in the Forbes World’s Best Employers 2020 list. The highest ranking of an insurance or healthcare company. Areas measured include Covid-19 response, image, economic footprint, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility.

Financial Times Europe’s Most Inclusive Companies

In 2020, the Financial Times reviewed Europe’s most inclusive companies as ranked by employees, and Bupa ranked 359 of 850 Diversity Leaders. The pool started with 15,000 companies, with 859
achieving ratings of 6.92 or higher out of 10 across a range of inclusion
factors. Companies in the top 10 achieved 8.11 or higher out of 10,
Bupa achieved 7.34 out of 10. We believe the culture we have been
nurturing during 2020 is one of those reasons for this shift.

Inclusive Companies – Top 50 UK Employers

In the UK, we were ranked 9th in the Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers
2020/21 list
, compiled by Inclusive Companies.


Bupa was ranked 5th best company in the UK by LinkedIn in 2019.

The Bupa Code

The Bupa Code helps our people understand what we expect and make the right choices. It explains how we protect our customers, our colleagues, our partners and Bupa, now and in the future. It’s a must-read and a must-follow document for everyone at Bupa.

Reporting and Commitments

United Kingdom

At Bupa, we are committed to eliminating the gender pay gap. Visit here for our latest UK Gender Pay Gap report.

The action we are taking goes beyond improving the numbers. We have a range of initiatives that are supported globally and tailored locally by each of our businesses, all with the purpose of supporting people throughout their Bupa careers.

We signed up to the Women in Finance Charter commitment in July 2018. The Charter reflects HM Treasury’s aspiration to see gender balance across financial services. Since signing the Charter, we have continued to support female representation at senior levels, through our broader diversity and inclusion agenda. Our latest published update is here.

We are also a member of the 30% Club mentoring scheme and have partnered with INvolve, a membership organisation that focuses on inclusion in the workplace to include gender, LGBT+ and BAME community representation.