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Healthcare leadership

Supporting our clinicians to deliver great outcomes for customers

Healthcare innovation and leadership is at the heart of everything we deliver for our customers.

We are committed to developing our clinicians, so they can deliver the best care for our customers, patients and residents. And we’re continually developing best practice approaches to care and looking for new ways to meet the changing needs of customers.

As an international company, we also have a role to play in tackling global healthcare challenges to ensure our customers’ health needs can be met in the future.

CMO Network

CMO Network

The global Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) Network is a group of world-leading clinicians, powered by Bupa, committed to bringing about a lasting improvement to world health. Together, we leverage our combined insight, experience and global reach to solve some of the world’s biggest health problems through workplace health initiatives.

The network comprises Chief Medical Officers from some of the world’s most innovative businesses who have collective responsibility for a workforce of over eight million people.

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Global Nurse Scholarships

We know our nurses make the difference for our customers – helping us achieve better clinical outcomes and business performance. The Global Nurse Scholarship programme gives Bupa nurses; the chance to lead a clinical improvement project, a grant to achieve their professional and educational goals, and access to mentoring with senior leaders.

In 2018, we awarded five scholarships to nurses from a range of countries and business areas including insurance, clinics and aged care.

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Clinical effectiveness

We believe our customers should have access to care that is both safe and effective. As the healthcare landscape changes and new technologies and treatments emerge, our experts review clinical studies and new healthcare innovations to ensure customers receive evidence-based and effective treatments that are appropriate for them. 

Every year the cost of healthcare rises as medical innovations lead to new treatment approaches and medication. We champion cost-effective care to ensure rising costs are not passed on to our customers, helping to safeguard the long-term affordability of health insurance and care.

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Shared Decision Making

Shared Decision Making (SDM) is about going one step further to deliver great quality care to our patients. Through conversations, the clinician and patient make healthcare choices together.

To support our clinicians and empower our customers in having SDM conversations, we have piloted a range of decision tools and training programmes. We are continuing this work to ensure SDM becomes an integral part of every customer’s journey.