Customer Lab

Digital innovation

Improving customer experience through digital investment

Our customers can do their banking from their phones, order their food shopping online with same-day delivery, and use an app to book a taxi that will arrive in minutes. So it’s natural they expect to have the same instant, on-demand access to health advice and care, as and when they need it.

That's why investment in digital and technology is a strategic priority for Bupa – it helps us continue to improve our service for our customers. Projects range from improving our ‘back office’ systems to developing new products and services for our customers and people.

Using VR headsets

Bupa's Customer Lab

In 2017, we launched an innovation lab to give us a better understanding of our customers and what they really want. It challenges the way we think and deliver new solutions with modern technology.

The Lab partners with start-ups and small businesses to explore ideas for more connected, intuitive healthcare experiences. With the freedom to move fast and experiment, and the power of Bupa’s 80,000 people, together we’ll discover new ways to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. 

Bupa B table programme

Bupa B Table

Our accelerator programme, Bupa B Table, is run by Bupa’s Customer Lab. It was established in 2017 to explore new ways of delivering high quality, comprehensive health and care services which meet customer needs, by harnessing digital technology. The programme invites start-ups and small businesses to partner with us to tackle key customer challenges. The objective is to run successful pilots that could lead to potential commercial opportunities.

Bupa Boost

Bupa Boost

Boost is a free, easy-to-use app that allows employees to take greater control of their personal fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and relaxation as well as providing access to Bupa’s expertise and support. To date, over 2.5 million wellbeing goals have been completed on the app.

Customer Connect Australia

Using customer insights

Customer Connect in Australia, our ‘Google for Bupa’, provides access to over 500,000 pieces of customer insight, helping us to take action at the most important point in a customer’s individual journey. It also enables us to design and test new products and services based on customer needs.

Bupa Hong Kong and HealthTap

Making it easier to see a doctor in Hong Kong

We launched a new mobile app for customers in Hong Kong in partnership with HealthTap. It offers new ways for people to see their doctor as well as enabling people to take better care of their health, from pre- to post-consultation, and from physical to mental health needs.